A matter of time

By Elisa Rocci, Chia Huei Lu and Gemma Alcalá

Centenary university past, present and future represented by light.

We analised the urbanism, neighbourhood, use and history of the most visible face of KTH main campus. Certainly, we distinguished three zones with different purposes:


  • Location: gardened area next to the main road and Östermalm neighbourhood.
  • Objective: to demonstrate university’s great mastery over technology field.
  • Proposal: to design an interactive instalation.


  • Location: a shared “square”with a research institue. Generally felt into disuse.
  • Objetive: to give dynamism to the space.
  • Proposal: light instalation hourly sinchronized.


  • Location: original campus architectural ensemble.
  • Objetive: to give visibility to the facade and its artistic elements (representative sculptures and paintings).
  • Proposal: to redirect existing light instalation, giving value and ambiance to a historical sorrounding.